As part of our contemporary, progressive and more practical solutions to the needs of industry participants, we train the personnel and advisers of oil and gas and energy industry participants, including regulators. Our trainings deepen their insights and enhance their skills so as to enable them to add greater value to their employers and organisations.

We offer different training packages, from bespoke in-house training to generic audience courses that cover either introductory level or more in-depth learning on specific cutting-edge issues. Typically, our bespoke courses are charged at a fixed price whilst the generic audience courses are charged per head.

Our trainers are lawyers with sound academic track record who have immense practical experience that allow them to bring relevant practical perspectives to developing training curricula and delivering them during the sessions. These trainers, which include our Managing Partner who has had experience of teaching and training at leading UK Universities, are drawn from our core team of lawyers. They are complemented, when there is the need, by our global network of other specialist trainers and leading industry advisers.