Nigeria remains a key country in West Africa. Its exploding population, a fourth of the continent’s, puts it in huge demand for infrastructure investments. As the most established oil and gas industry in West Africa and the largest oil exporting country in the continent, lessons from the Nigerian oil and gas industry continue to influence transaction structures and industry rules in the more recent markets in Sub-Saharan Africa (including Ghana) and the frontier markets east of the continent (including Mozambique and Tanzania).

As much of Africa grapple with the creation of regulatory frameworks that will attract foreign direct investments in the power, natural resources and infrastructure sectors, Nigeria’s efforts towards commercialising its gas reserve (the 7th largest in the world), and its recent experience of privatizing its power sector, are likely to contribute to shape laws and transactions across the continent.

Building on its Nigeria experience, Crestle Zanders’ expertise extends to the wider Sub-Saharan Africa, and, increasingly, the entire Africa. Our Managing Partner, a key leader of our Africa Practice, has worked on transactional, legislative and regulatory issues of the energy, oil and gas and mining sectors of over 22 countries in Africa.

Enlightened Advantage

As an indigenous Africa-focused law firm, Crestle Zanders’ major advantage rests in its understanding of the intricacies of the Africa sub-regions in relation to certain matters on which non-ingenious law firms often make sweeping generalisations or most times approach with completely incorrect assumptions.

From country to country, sub-region to sub-region, Africa presents varying opportunities and challenges. But the failing of the non-indigenous law firms who have a rather surface understanding of this vast and varied region is that they treat Africa – “Africa Market” – as a single jurisdiction with a peculiar set of opportunities and challenges.

As Africans who have a first-hand knowledge and experience of the region, with some of us having worked within the Africa practice teams of international law firms, we understand the nuances of each sub-region of the Africa business climate, and comprehend how daunting, sometimes subduing, it can be for foreign business people to cope with the varying cultures, business environments, laws and regulations that impact business risks in Africa.

With our first-hand knowledge of the region and our experience of working with law firms and other organisations across the region, we have built collaborative relationships with leading law firms and individuals across the continent. With these resources Crestle Zanders is well equipped to advise our clients on how to steer around Africa’s challenging legal and business environment.