Global Outlook

Although Nigeria is the core of our Africa-wide focus, the energy, natural resources and infrastructure sectors that we service are inherently international in their nature and present the avenues for the highest amount of in-ward foreign direct investment in Africa. Understandably, therefore, most of the clients we service are either the parents or subsidiaries of corporations whose seats are in the world’s major finance and investment hubs, including London, New York, Dubai, Sydney and Toronto. A number of these corporations are either listed or aspiring for listing in key investment exchanges such as FTSE, ASX and TSX.

The Other class of our clients are indigenous African corporations whose financing or technical assistance usually comes from overseas. We also represent Nigerian/African companies who do business overseas, especially in London.

Thus, in a majority of the matters we work on, Nigerian law forms part of a larger mix. We therefore operate with the understanding that, even if we are not expected to be experts in the laws of all the jurisdictions to which the matters we work on have connection, it is important that we are able to think laterally and contemporarily in the context of the multijurisdictional sphere in which the corporations we represent operate.

Consequently, we constantly raise our know-how and services to meet that standard, and we have created structures that enable us to work seamlessly with the management, in-house or retained legal teams of those internationally minded corporations.

Maintaining this global outlook is fundamental to us realising our ambition of creating an international law firm that will be in the league of the world’s bests.