Join us

Crestle Zanders’ vision is clear and simple: to create an indigenous Africa-focused world-class law firm with specialised practice, whose high quality delivery and prime operational standards put it in the league of the world’s best international law firms.

Although we have articulated the operating philosophies with which we work to achieve our vision and which have allowed us to develop culture and approach that are unique in the marketplace, we know that it is not these distinctive characteristics that make us who and what we are.

It is our people that define our gripping uniqueness in the marketplace. They implement our distinctive philosophies, culture and top-quality work standards. As such, sourcing and managing the right talents are at the very heart of our overall strategy. So also is optimising the potentials of the talents we have sourced.

We look for the brightest legal minds that are also commercially aware and astute, but such core qualities are just not enough. Creativity, innovativeness, entrepreneurship and an unwavering spirit of excellence are the polish to the core qualities, and we expect them from those who wish to join us.