CZ Academy

Crestle Zanders recognises that an early training of the young members of our team and the continuous training of the more senior members to keep pace with cutting-edge thinking, global standards and best practice, are fundamental to the firm’s vitality.

We have developed an integrated, three-schematic, training programme branded the “CZ Academy”. Each scheme of the CZ Academy is made up of several paths. The three schemes are:

  • The Knowledge Scheme
  • The Skills and Practice Scheme
  • Business and Strategies Scheme

THE KNOWLEDGE SCHEME is designed to build and update our lawyers with knowledge of the law relating to our focus industries and practice areas, in particular, the contemporary legal mechanisms and thinking in them. Within the Knowledge Scheme:

  • The Core Knowledge Path – provides training on legal knowledge of our practice areas and sectors.
  • The Interdisciplinary Path – is designed to equip our lawyers with the knowledge of current issues outside the scope of law that are of interest to the clients we service; ie non-law issues that we need to understand in order to provide our clients commercially relevant advice. Examples include policy, commercial, finance and, to some extent, technical and geological issues.
    We regularly invite industry persons to train our lawyers on these issues.
  • Transactional Path – this path is typically targeted at our transactional lawyers. It provides in-depth training on current legal developments that impact the structures and details of the wide range of transactions frequently used in our four focus sectors. The Transactional Path has practical components that often require our lawyers to go on secondments or undertake short visiting associate programmes with the high profile international laws firms with whom we have collaborative relationships.

THE SKILLS AND PRACTICE SCHEME – is designed to enhance practical and relevant technical skills, such as drafting and time management skills, in relation to day to day assignments. This Scheme has the Core Skills Path and the Soft Skills Path.

THE BUSINESS AND STRATEGY SCHEME – This scheme is built on our philosophy that we are a business, and the entrepreneurial spirit we emphasise. It is designed to equip our lawyers with skills beyond the scope of law but which make a lawyer successful in the business of law. It provides training on leadership and entrepreneurship, how to build and sustain relationships with clients, business communications and the approaches to better understand clients’ businesses and goals.