The ‘CZ fit’

At Crestle Zanders we are driven by our peculiar philosophies and culture; attributes that distinguish us from our contemporaries. We also work with some innovative structures and models that are unique to us. We are always willing to challenge the status quo, some of those very traditions upon which other lawyers have been trained or have built their practice.

We therefore recognise, unapologetically, that not everyone fits the specification of an archetypal Crestle Zanders lawyer, including some persons that may be described as smart and clever.

Being ‘CZ Fit’ means to possess all the qualities that define a typical Crestle Zanders lawyer; including a top-bright legal mind that is demonstrable by relevant experience and sound academic qualification from leading institutions, commercial awareness, and an unrelenting entrepreneurial spirit.

In recruiting the people that work for us we insist that they must be CZ fit.

When we recruit our people we challenge them with complex legal and commercially relevant work that drive them to attain their potentials within the supportive culture and working conditions that we provide. We expect them to have a graduated development as they work in teams on the cutting-edge transactions that we are constantly assigned with. But given the nature of the work our clients entrust us with, we do not have room to retain those who fall short of this expectation or who at any stage stop performing up to the standards that define us.