Energy – Power

Crestle Zanders’ in-depth knowledge of the power industry draws from its lawyers’ experience of advising promoters, governments and financial institutions on power related matters, including restructuring and project finance.

The firm harnesses the expertise of its lawyers in privatisation, restructuring, finance, mergers and acquisition, regulation, regulatory compliance and dispute resolution, to provide wide-ranging legal counsel to power industry leaders. Participants in the power sector benefit from the capabilities of our core team, and our ability to swiftly complement them, on special cases, with the expertise of our collaborative-relationship law firms, specialist lawyers and multidisciplinary teams that understand the complicated workings of the power industry and government regulation.

We advise a variety of organisations and entities, including:

  • Independent power producers
  • Electricity generation, transmission and distribution companies
  • Financial institutions
  • Commercial energy companies
  • Governments, state utilities and power regulators

Advising investors in the Nigerian and other sub-Saharan African countries’ electricity sector

The on-going reforms in the Nigerian power sector reflect the current thinking of governments in a large part of sub-Saharan Africa. The recent success in the privatisation of government owned distribution companies in Nigeria has boosted confidence for investments in the electricity sector of other countries in the region.

We advise prospective investors on market entry and participation in relation to the legal, regulatory and operational frameworks and requirements, as well the contractual, financing and security package components involved in the establishment and financing of power-related infrastructure and investments in Nigeria.