Culture & Approach

One of Crestle Zanders’ core assets is its cultural capital of meritocracy and excellence. Untypical of a young law firm, and unlike the other law firms in the geographical area where we operate, we do not play by our own isolated standards or simply go on doing things the way we are comfortable with insofar as those who engage our services do not have a better alternative.

Crestle Zanders was conceived on the understanding that the market has become more global and sophisticated. Thus, whilst maintaining knowledge of the local environment, we strive to play by global cutting edge standards in terms of the knowledge and exposure of our lawyers, the quality of the work we produce and the tools we employ in doing those works.

Entrepreneurship and an unwavering drive to attain a leadership position through merit and excellence are the defining qualities of Crestle Zanders and its people. Innovation and creativity are at the heart of our approach.

Each assignment referred to the firm is assigned to a mix of our practitioners with varying experience and seniority to reflect the complexity of the assignment and its agreed timelines.