Our Brand

The necessity to create a law firm of the Crestle Zanders’ quality, culture and approach, has given us the opportunity to create a new brand that reflects our distinctive characteristics.

We wanted a brand which would be authentic as our philosophies are; depict our African origin and Africa focus; represent our energy as a firm of young lawyers; indicate the deep insight we maintain in focused sectors; and yet convey the message of our gripping uniqueness in the marketplace.

After a review of the colour and logo spectre of the competitors’ landscape, and after a carefully critiqued brand conceptualization and design process, we are proud to commence the journey of building a world-class law firm that has an authentic and distinctively recognisable brand.

The abstracts


In the legal services market where the majority of the brands use the blue, red and black palettes, the orange in our brand reflects our uniqueness. Orange represents confidence, and confidence comes from energy and power; Orange is mixture of yellow (which represents the energy of the sun) and red (which represents royal power).

Our confidence derives from our deep knowledge of our focus sectors and our energy as a firm of young lawyers.


The ‘Z’ in our logo, slightly slanted than the usual letter ‘Z’, does more than represent Zanders. It is an adapted version of an inscription that is used to represent an ancient, indigenous-African ideographic writing system known as ‘Nsibidi’. This ideographic writing system originated in about 400AD and was used across much of West Africa up till about the 18th Century when its usage gave way to Western writing system as a result of colonial influences.

This Nsibidi-related symbol embedded in our logo was thoughtfully chosen to reflect our African origin and Africa focus. The touch of modernity to it represents Crestle Zanders as an indigenous, contemporary, African law firm with a global relevance.

We look forward to continuing to develop the Crestle Zanders’ brand!